Boot times (part 2)

The candidates are this time: gzip, lzma, lzo, xz and uncompressed.
The boot time is measured with grabserial. The image is read from a sd card.

compression method image size loading time decompression time
gzip 3978136 0.327381 0.744222
lzma 2939704 0.245322 2.41247
lzo 4368056 no boot
xz 2792912 0.220659 1.961494
uncompressed 7967108 0.641257

Test network speed

One of my actual projects uses a USB-Ethernet (LAN9512) interface. So I am interested in the real speed for this combination.

On the embedded device I used netcat with the following parameters:
nc -l -p 1234 | dd of=/dev/null

And on the host side I used netcat with:
dd if=/dev/urandom bs=4096 count=100000 | nc host.tld 1234

For the different counts I got the following numbers

count duration speed
1000 1 s 4.1 MB/s
10000 10.8 s 3.8 MB/s
100000 108 s 3.8 MB/s
1000000 1092 s 3.7 MB/s

Okay, the last test copied 4.1 GB and lasted 18 minutes.